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Winter Pond Supplies to Keep On-Hand

Winter ponds are lovely with a touch of frost or snow around the edges. A recycling waterfall adds to the beauty.  Pond supplies are necessary throughout the year, especially during the dormant winter season, to keep the pond healthy.

Winter pond supplies include:

  • All-season pond heaters
  • Heated water hoses
  • Pumps with diffuser stones
  • Skimmers and nets
  • Pond de-icers
  • Microbe-Lift Autumn/Winter Prep.
  • Fall and winter fish food

Pond de-icers, all-season heaters and a water hose heater are pond supplies to consider based on regional winter weather conditions. An Aeration Kit with an air diffuser is another option that prevents ice formation in regions that experience heavy winter snow.

A section of the pond must remain thawed during the winter to provide fresh air and prevent the build-up of toxic gasses from decomposing waste.  Water will move at the surface with a pond pump, an air diffuser or a recirculating waterfall. The recirculating water, that may need heating, will aerate the pond giving dormant plants and fish the oxygen they need to survive.

Pond Leaf Netting is an invisible black net placed over the pond will protect it from filling up with twigs and leaves.  The net is easy to remove for cleaning. A pond skimmer on an adjustable pole will also remove floating debris.

Microbe-Lift Autumn/Winter Prep is a two part package of liquid and dry bacteria and enzymes to keep pond life healthy throughout the winter. The cellulase enzymes and bacteria break down leaves and sediment while the liquid bacteria absorb the by-products. This organic product should be used as directed throughout the fall and winter to keep the water clean.

The koi and goldfish will survive with a slower metabolism during the winter months. Spring and Autumn fish food is good for water temperatures from 65 degrees F down to 42 degrees F.

Ponds are attractive water elements that will look good throughout the year with proper care and maintenance. provides a full line of supplies for maintaining ponds and water gardens in all regions of the country.