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Winter Pond Maintenance Checklist

While you’re probably used to doing pond maintenance during the summer months, you might not realize how important proper winter pond maintenance can be. By keeping your pond healthy during the winter months, it will be that much easier for you to enjoy your backyard water garden when the weather breaks and spring arrives.

With our fall and winter pond maintenance checklist, you can ensure you have the pond supplies you need to get your pond ready for spring:

  • Reduce the number of leaves and debris falling in your pond by placing netting over your pond.
  • Before your pond freezes, cut back pond plants that are dying or overgrown.
  • Purchase winter pond food that is specifically designed for a fall and winter diet.
  • Disconnect your pond pumpfilter and UV clarifier before your water freezes over.
  • Store your pond supplies indoors for the winter months. This includes UV clarifier, pond food and other essentials.
  • Keep pond de-icer on-hand for installation. It will melt a small opening on the surface of your pond to allow for noxious gases to escape more easily.
  • It’s best to take your fish out of the pond during winter if at all possible.
  • Inspect all of your pond equipment to check for broken components.

By staying one step ahead, you can make things safe for your pond during the winter, while also saving you valuable time in the spring. Get a jumpstart before the winter gets away from you. Take care of some of these important pond maintenance issues.