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Why Do I Need a Pond Pump? | Garden Water Garden

If you’re backyard water feature is a small water garden, you might be wondering why a pond pump or a garden water pump is necessary. You don’t have fish or a large amount of water, so what good can a pond pump do for you?

Filters do the water cleaning, but without a garden water pump, much of your water would remain dirty. A pond pump can do the following for your water garden:

Circulate Water 

Circulation is vital to water garden health, even with minimal fish, plants and water. If your water isn’t circulating, it can’t all be cleaned. With a pond pump, your water will circulate, which allows your filter system to clean all of your water equally and efficiently. Water circulation also creates healthier water in itself. By allowing movement, you can avoid stagnant water in your garden.

Limit Bacteria Growth

Water gardens can be especially susceptible to unhealthy bacteria growth due to shallow water and extreme temperature changes. To reduce unwanted bacteria without harming your plants and fish, use a pond pump to keep water moving and distribute extreme temperature areas.

Assist Filtration

In summer and fall seasons, extra leaves and debris can enter your filtering system. With a garden water pump for your water garden, you can screen out larger items before they reach the filter. Give your filter a longer life with a pump and connecting pipe that screens out large debris.

Drive Water Features 

If you have a waterfall or fountain feature in your water garden, you’re likely using electricity to power it. With a pond pump, you can not only circulate water, but also add water flow to your garden features. Circulate more efficiently by using one device to both improve the cleaning and water power of your garden.

Water garden pumps can clean your water and power circulation efficiently. To be sure your backyard pond has the pond supplies necessary to stay healthy, contact