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Where To Build A Pond


How do I decide where to install my new pond?

 Take a good look at your yard and make sure that the location of the pond can be enjoyed from any decks and windows. Pull out the garden hose and create the shape of your pond right on the lawn. Live with it for a few days and watch how both

the sun and slope of your yard will affect the space you have chosen. 

Pond Placement: Important things to keep in mind

  • Plan your pond so that you can easily add a waterfall or a second pool in years to come. The majority of new pond keepers continue to improve and grow the size of their ponds from year to year.
  • A pond deeper than 18″ is considered a pool in many municipalities which will require the yard to be fenced.
  • Place the pond away from the stream of run-off that could deliver fertilizers and other toxins to your fish. Or, beam the area around the pond edge to keep out pollutants.
  • Install a GFI outlet near the pond to avoid cords across the lawn and electrocution.

How deep does the pond need to be?

Most people base the depth on whether or not they would like to over winter the fish in the pond. To over winter, a deep spot must be planned that will go just past the frost line in your area of the country. The deeper section only needs to be large enough to accommodate whatever fish and pots you would like to keep in the pond during the winter. Pond building requires a lot of thinking depending on the climate in which you live.

In warmer parts of the country, deeper pools will help keep water temperature down during the hot days of summer. Very shallow water can heat up quickly in the hot sun and this could kill your fish.

What type of pond construction is best?

We recommend flexible liners. Flexible liners allow for an easy and a very forgiving installation. Other choices include concrete and preformed ponds. Concrete
installations usually require a professional installation as well as being a medium that tends to crack as the ground freezes and thaws. Preformed ponds are good for some indoor installations, but are difficult to install outdoors as the hole must match the shape to avoid shifting and cracking.


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