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What Pond Filter Media Can Do for You

As I discussed in my previous post, pond filters are an essential piece of any healthy and functioning backyard water garden. Your pond filter is responsible for filtering out the harmful waste, chemicals and toxins that would otherwise make it difficult for your pond life to survive.

Your pond filter operates through three different kinds of filtration: mechanical, chemical and biological.

The kind of filtration I’m going to focus on today is biological. This filtration is unique, because instead of simply getting rid of harmful agents in the water, it helps your pond grow a natural defense against them.

Biological filtration works primarily through the use of pond filter media.

What is pond filter media?

Pond filter media is the biological material you place within your pond filter to help it work more effectively.

How do pond filter media work?

These natural agents can actually work in one of three ways. They can:

  1. Form a screen to block dirt and debris from entering the clean water.
  2. Trap toxic chemicals.
  3. Provide a surface for beneficial bacteria to grow.

It is this third capability that makes pond filter media so unique. As it provides a safe place for beneficial bacteria to grow, your pond slowly grows its own defenses against dirt, debris, fish waste and other substances that can cloud its water. Once your pond’s bacteria is built up, it can start consuming many of the waste products your pond life is producing.

After consuming these waste products, the filter media converts them into less harmful products that can then be utilized by your pond life. This neat little cycle keeps your pond water clear and your pond life healthy. Pretty awesome considering it all starts with some filter media you can purchase from your local pond supplies distributor.

If you have any questions about using pond filter media in your pond, please contact one of our knowledgeable pond supplies experts today.