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Water Garden Pump Types

pond waterfall

Depending on what type of backyard pond you are trying to create, there are a variety of different pond pumps available to meet your needs. Whether you want to build a beautiful waterfall, utilize a stand alone fountain or simply create a strong current of water, Pondliner has the water garden pumps and other quality pond supplies to help you do so.

Explore the importance of pond pumps and choose the right product for your backyard pond today!

Direct Drive Waterfall Pumps

These are the most powerful pond pumps available. A Direct Drive Pond Pump uses an electric motor to turn an impeller that pushes the water in one direction.  Direct Drive Pond Pumps are best used for waterfall applications where a great deal of water flow is desired. The drawback of Direct Drive Pond Pumps is that they use more power relative to Mag Drive pond pumps.



Mag Drive Pond Pumps

Mag Drive Pond Pumps are more power efficient than Direct Drive Waterfall Pumps; they are best used for waterfalls and streams. Instead of using an electric motor connected to an impeller, Mag Drive Pond Pumps use a magnetized impeller that is surrounded by an electric apparatus. Using an electric current, the apparatus pushes/pulls the magnets, causing the impeller to spin. Because the impeller is the only moving part, Mag Drive Pond Pumps are more efficient. The drawback of Mag Drive Pond Pumps is that are not as powerful as Direct Drive Waterfall Pumps.


Statuary Pumps

 These pumps use either Direct Drive or Mag Drive technology to move water through statues, stand alone fountains, and water features such as bubbling rocks. Statuary pumps range from large to tiny and can be used for applications ranging from large display fountains to peaceful desktop water features.




External Pond and Waterfall Pumps

Unlike the other three types, External Pond Pumps cannot be submerged in water. The advantage these large Direct Drive Waterfall Pumps is that they can push large amounts of water. In a large application where the waterfall pump can be effectively hidden, External pond pumps are the best choice.