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Tropical Water Lilies

Tropical water lilies are by far my favorite aquatic plant. Even though they are an annual plant, their performance still make them an excellent investment in your water garden. What makes them so great?

Blooms, blooms and more blooms. And brillantly colored blooms at that. My favorites are the night blooming lilies that allows working guys like me to enjoy the blooms in the evenings.

      Here’s a some of tips to get the most from your water lilies- tropical or hardy.


  • Plant your lilies in a large pot or planting pocket. The more room the lily has to develop its root system the more leaves and blooms it will put off.
  • Fertilize your water lily with premium fertilizer tablets every two weeks. Three to four tablets is not uncommon for larger lilies or lilies you want to become larger.
  • Trim off dead leaves and most importantly, blooms that have been spent.