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Top 3 Fall Pond Supplies to Keep Handy

Fall is a beautiful time of year; the leaves are changing, sunny crisp days turn into cool nights filled with bonfires and other fun activities. But part of that fall allure is the leaves dropping to the ground – and right into your water garden. If these leaves get in the pond and decay, it will throw off the ecological balance of your backyard pond. Make sure you are prepared for this change in season by having these fall pond supplies handy.

  • Pond Skimmer – A pond skimmer collects stray leaves and other floating debris from the surface of the water, keeping your pond clean. These products are effective while being easy to disguise or hide which helps your pond retain a natural look. Heavy leaf fall can clog a skimmer, so make sure you check on it often, sometimes several times a day.
  • Leaf Netting – Prevent pond skimmers from getting clogged in the first place by capturing stray leaves with a net. Nets can be made to scoop up leaves or to lay over the entire to pond to prevent them from falling in.
  • Pond Vacuum – Pond vacuums work just like regular vacuum cleaners, only they can vacuum water. They are perfect for cleaning algae blooms, fish waste, dead leaves, and other dirt that may collect at the bottom of the pond. A variety of nozzles help clean hard to reach areas.

Keep your fish and plants in mind too. Special precautions should be taken to care for them in the cooler months. Fish need protection as well as certain foods, and plants should be prepared. If you keep your filter running through the winter, you must take precautions against the freezing of water in your plumbing should there be a power outage. Make sure you are fully prepared for autumn with these top 3 pond supplies.