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Summer Lovin’: Giving Your Pond Summer TLC

Backyard pond maintenance in the summer doesn’t take much work. It’s the time of year when you can sit back and enjoy your backyard. You can’t completely neglect your pond, though. Fish are more active and your plants are growing, so problems could quickly arise. Learn how to keep your pond clean so it stays healthy in the summer.

Keep the O2 Coming

If you don’t have an aerator for your pond yet, summer is the time to get one. Warm water doesn’t retain oxygen as well as cooler water, so it’s important to keep your aerator on 24/7. Increased oxygen allows more ammonia and nitrate reduction. This needs to happen so you can allow algae to grow healthily and fish to digest their food efficiently. You can talk to an expert from to decide what pond aerator is best for you.

Algae Is Good, But Avoid Algae Blooms

You want the algae in your pond to grow at a healthy pace, but it could get out of control in the summer months. Increased sunlight, plant growth, and fish activity can create an abundance of algae. Consider trimming back your plants and adding some water lilies that block the sun. If you decide to use algaecide, be sure to avoid overuse, or purchase non-toxic chemicals so you don’t harm your fish.

Check Your Pond Supplies

With all of that pond life activity, it’s important to monitor your pond filters and pumps. Pond supplies might be more likely to break in the summer because of all the use they get. Stay on top of maintenance issues by checking to see if your pond pumps and filters are in working order. If not, you might need to buy some new products or get them fixed.

You pond can be healthier in the summer if you simply keep it oxygenated, beware of algae blooms, and monitor your pond supplies. is here to help you with all of your summer pond maintenance needs. Contact us today.