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Spiral Tubing - 1 1/4"

Manufacturer: Generic
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Spiral Tubing- 1.25"(MM) x LF
SKU: ST114X100-LF
Spiral Tubing- 1.25"(MM) x 100'
SKU: ST114X100K
Spiral Tubing- 1.25"(UL) x LF
Spiral Tubing- 1.25"(UL) x 100'
SKU: KFHAA114-100

This flexible plastic tubing won't crimp or collapse around curves. Use reinforced flexible pond tubing for projects that require it to be buried without the fear of tubing walls collapsing. Dramatically improves water flow. Sold by linear foot (in lengths divisible by 5') or 100' roll.

  • Fish safe
  • Kink-proof
Size:  1 1/4"
Fittings:  Schedule 40 Barbed