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Seasonal Pond Pump Maintenance

Taking care of your pump is not a one-time endeavor. It’s important to do seasonal pond pump maintenance to make sure that it your machine is properly prepared for the conditions that come with changing temperatures.


During fall you’ll need to be extra vigilant about removing leaves and other falling debris from the surface of your pond. If this detritus is allowed to pile up, it has the potential to clog your pond pump’s filter, which can result in all kinds of nasty problems.


Unless you live in a very temperate climate (in which case you probably aren’t interested in an article about seasonal pond pump maintenance), winter is a time for shutting down your pump and storing it. If your pond has the potential to freeze, you don’t want your pump anywhere near it. Frozen water can cause internal pump pieces to freeze and break.


Your pond pump has been in storage for a while, so examine it closely for signs of damage or wear. Look at the power cord and cables, filter, pump housing and the complete exterior. Then give the pump a thorough cleaning from the inside out. Get rid of any accumulated dirt or grime, especially inside the pump where the impeller is housed.


The only maintenance that must be done during summer is cleaning. The frequency with which you should clean your pump will vary based on the size of your pond and its location in your yard. Be proactive about cleaning to keep your pump in optimal working condition.

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