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Purchasing a Pond Filter: Why It’s a Must-Have Item

Whether you are building a brand new pond or have had one for years, you’ll need to make sure your pond filter is ready for the challenge that lies ahead. Springtime means that pond life will come back to life, which means that your filter is going to get quite a workout.

If you’re building your first pond, you’re going to need to get a filter. If you’ve had your pond for years, you need to make sure your filter is still working properly. If not, a new model will need to be purchased.

But why is a pond filter so crucial to the health of my pond life?

It’s very simple. Your pond filter is responsible for keeping your pond water clean and healthy. If you don’t have healthy water, it’s very unlikely that your pond life will live very long. Just like we require clean air to breathe, your pond life needs clean water to survive.

So how exactly does my pond filter do its job?

Pond filters perform three different types of filtration:

  • Mechanical: This process removes large debris from your pond’s water. Fish waste, decomposing leaves, uneaten food and other items are strained out of the water before it is circulated back through your pond.
  • Biological: This process takes place when your pond’s natural bacteria (aided by pond filter media) allows beneficial bacteria to colonize. These bacteria then act naturally to consume harmful waste produced by your pond life and turn it into less harmful waste that your pond life can thrive on.
  • Chemical: This process removes chemical toxins from the water that your biological bacteria weren’t able to process.

As you can see, a pond filter is one of the most essential pond supplies you can purchase for your pond. There are lots of options out there, so make sure you do your research before making a decision. Pondliner carries pond filters from many of today’s top brands, including Laguna, Atlantic Water Gardens, Little Giant, Pondmaster and more.

If you have any questions about what kind of pond filter is right for your pond, contact one of our knowledgeable pond supplies experts today.