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Promote Pond Health: Purchase a Pond Skimmer This Season

It’s official – warm weather is here to stay, and that’s good news for all you pond enthusiasts who have been itching to sit outside and enjoy your pond in all its glory. Make sure your pond stays clean and healthy by purchasing and installing a quality pond skimmer this season.

There is no substitute for these efficient and effective pond supplies. A pond skimmer is your biggest defense against leaves, branches, pollen, flowers and other pesky debris that threaten to dirty your water and clog your pond filter. It collects particles from the surface of the water allowing it to always appear clear and healthy-looking. The best part about pond skimmers, however, is that they don’t detract from your pond’s aesthetic appeal.

Pond skimmers are designed to be easily hidden or disguised so that your pond remains natural-looking and beautiful. Some come with artificial covers while others can be easily concealed by shrubbery. In addition to providing complete filtration, a good pond skimmer should also:

• Support biological health
• Improve water quality
• Reduce pond maintenance
• Hide unsightly pumps and plumbing
• Prevent large debris from clogging your pond filter
• Keep pond life safe, healthy and happy

Many pond skimmers also come with a variety of accessories that allow you to customize your model for every application. They should be built tough to handle foot traffic and support any kind of natural camouflage you want to use.

Browse our collection of pond skimmers today – find the one that best meets your needs and start seeing a better-looking, healthier pond today.

Image provided by JMRosenfeld on Flickr