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Product reviews for OASE PondoVac 5 Pond Vacuum

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Glad I waited for this vacuum
Normally I don't purchase unless I have read the reviews, but the description of this vacuum and the company reputation convinced me to buy.  I love it!  The German engineering and modern plastic molding combine to a vacuum that fits together perfectly and performs as needed.  The hose lengths allow me to discharge into my flower garden and the two motor design is outstanding.  I have a 30x40 foot pond with koi and large rainbow trout.  Previous cleaning required draining the pond and shoveling out the muck into five gallon buckets.  Stress on the fish was severe as they had to survive the cleaning in the shallow muck-filled bottom of the pond while I cleaned the shallower areas.  I never could get the very bottom clean and I would lose trout during the process.  My new Pondovac 5 arrived in three days to my doorstep in perfect condition.  It was easy to assemble and put in service.  The muck in the pond was up to eight inches deep as I had procrastinated cleaning due to the hard physical labor and loss of fish in previous cleanings.  No longer!  I cleaned 3/4 of the pond the first day and the fish were interested spectators.  Instead of draining off the good water as in the past, I was able to remove the muck and bottom water only.  The debris capturing bags are clever but with a big job like my first cleaning I had multiple trips to the vacuum to make bag changes as the muck was excessive.  Now the bottom is clean and future vacuuming will be much easier.  I must say the amount of muck removed was very impressive and a good test for the equipment.  A few tips:  Keep a hose nearby to rinse off the vacuum motor foam filter to keep the water volume high at each bag change and don't forget to close the zipper on the bottom of the bag after rinsing the muck from the bags.  Your fish will love you for purchasing this vacuum and you will feel a lot better when the cleaning job is done.
Gary | 7/28/2017 10:56 AM
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