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Product Spotlight: Pond Lighting

Pond Lighting

Pond lighting can completely transform your backyard water garden. Whether you choose subtle underwater white lights for a warm glow or color changing spotlights to really liven up the space, your pond can easily transition from day to night as a showpiece in your yard. If you have colorful koi and goldfish you will love the way the light plays off of their scales as they swim through the water. Lighting can also enhance any elaborate design elements you have added, such as a gorgeous flower or eye-catching rock display. No matter what you want to use pond lights for, there is a solution that can get you there.

Brass and Fiberglass

Brass and fiberglass pond lights are completely submersible for an option that can light your pond from within. They feature high brightness, a long life expectancy, and are highly efficient. They can also be used for waterfall lighting to showcase those added water features.

LED Pond Lights

Some LED lights, such as the Alpine 60 Bright, feature several colors and a remote controller that allows you to choose which color illuminates your pond. They can be used in or around the pond to spotlight any area that you wish to showcase. Many halogen light fixtures can be converted to LED simply by changing out the original bulb to a new LED bulb.

Fiber Optic Lighting

Fiber optic lighting can be used underwater, next to the water, out of the water, between rocks or virtually anywhere you want to place them. They include a color wheel that can be placed between the pond light source and the fiber to create colored light. You can decide to stop the wheel at one color or let it rotate continuously from color to color. You will love inviting friends and family over to sit by your colorful pond on warm summer nights.

Aquascape Pond Lighting

Aquascape pond lighting covers pretty much any kind of pond lighting you are hoping to add to your pond. Waterfall lights, LED, spotlights, underwater lights and more are provided by this dependable brand.

Whether you are looking for bright colors to add some fun, or soothing white lights to add a little ambiance, pond lights are a great way to add character to your pond. They are also the perfect solution to ensure you can appreciate your pond in the evenings and not just during the day. You didn’t do all that hard work to only enjoy your pond part of the time!