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Pond To-Do List for Spring

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Spring is on the horizon and with it comes seasonal pond maintenance. You know you need to clean up your pond and take care of the water before you can start enjoying your pond this spring, but there are a few other steps you can take to make sure you have the pond you desire in time for the warm weather.

Early in the spring is an ideal time to plan for any improvements you’ve been hoping to make. Take stock of any damage that has occurred over the winter months and jot down any updates you’ve been thinking about undertaking. Maybe you’ve had your eye on a new waterfall, fountain or other water feature? Disappearing waterfall pond kits make installation easy and include everything you need for any size waterfall. Decorative fountain pumps come in many shapes and sizes, letting you create your ideal water garden fountain. Here you’ll find more detailed information on how to build a water fountain. Inspect your pond liner to makes sure there are no tears or holes from the rough winter weather.

First, take note of the supplies you are low on or out of. Did your pond net rip last summer? Or maybe your pond filter is on its last leg. Do you have all of the water treatments and fish food you’ll be needing soon? Take inventory of what you have versus what you need and replace anything you are out of or has been damaged.

Gather the supplies your pond will need this spring. With the weather transitioning from winter to spring your pond hangs in a delicate balance. If you aren’t careful the state of your water can quickly decline, such as lower pH levels, increased ammonia and an overgrowth of algae. Make sure you have all of the water treatments on hand to combat and avoid these water complications.

Check out all of your electrical equipment. Make sure your pond filter is in good condition as well as any water features, lighting, your pond pump and your pond vacuum if you use one. Nothing is worse than pulling out these applications to get started only to discover they are no longer working.

Spring is a time for new beginnings, which means this is a great opportunity to rethink your pond. Maybe you want to add a lot more water plants this year, or perhaps it will be the first time you introduce koi or goldfish to your pond. Think about all of the changes you’ve been wanting to make and see if you can choose at least one to add in this year.