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Pond Pump FAQ

pond pumps

What is the difference in a magnetic-drive pump and a direct-drive pump?

Magnetic-drive pumps use a motor that creates a magnetic charge to spin an impeller that creates the necessary water flow. Direct-drive pumps use a motor that directly spins a shaft that powers the impeller. Magnetic –drive pumps are more energy efficient and last longer than direct-drive pumps, but cannot produce large flow rates at higher head pressures.

What size pump do I need for my pond?

It depends on the filtration system you are using. If you are using an up-flow waterfall filter, you should circulate the pond volume a minimum of once per hour, once every thirty minutes is recommended. Gravity flow and pressure filters may only require that you circulate your pond once every one to two hours. Larger ponds over 4,000 gallons assume more of the characteristics of a natural body of water and do not require as much circulation.

What does “head pressure” mean?

Head pressure is the forces that the pump must overcome to push water to the end of a tubing run. “Static head pressure” is the vertical height from the surface of the water to the discharge point. “Dynamic head pressure” is the pressure caused by turbulence in the tubing (friction loss) and any increased resistance caused by fittings and/or components installed in the line such as a pressure filter or UV light.

Can the flow be adjusted on a pump?

Yes, some smaller pond pumps come with flow adjustment valves incorporated into their design. A ball valve or diverter valve can be placed in line to adjust the flow on larger pond pumps.

Can I power my waterfall with an external pump placed at the top of the waterfall?

External pumps are designed to be placed close to the pond and then pump water to the end of the tubing run. The power of the pump is on the discharge side, so trying to suction water to the top of the waterfall simply will not work.

Can I use a swimming pool pump for my pond?

Yes, but you will want to check the specifications of your pool pump first. Most external swimming pool pumps are used in conjunction with a sand filter. Sand filters usually require a strong pump to deal the pressure involved in back flushing the filter. As a rule, pumps that are used in such applications use large amounts of energy. A pump that is properly sized for your application may be a much better option.

Can a submersible pond pump be used outside the pond?

Some submersible pond pumps can be used externally, but must be used in a flooded suction application. Flooded suction refers to the pond pump being operated outside the pond, but with the inlet of the pond pump being positioned below the water level of the garden pond. Check the specifications on the pond pump to be sure that the pump is suited to be used externally.