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OASE SwimSkim Product Review

The OASE SwimSkim is a unique self-contained in-pond skimmer that also functions as a pond aerator. The Swimskim is powered by an internal 580 gallon per hour magnetic-drive pump. Air is injected into the pump discharge to provide supplement aeration to the pond.

The SwimSkim catches larger debris in its leaf basket while a smaller foam pad traps smaller particles. The foam pad does clog rather quickly- usually in one to two days in my pond- but OASE did have the foresight to include an extra pad which makes maintenance a little easier.

Does the SwimSkim work? Absolutely. In my pond, I use it in an area that does not skim properly and don’t rely on it to skim my 18’ x 19’ pond. The aeration feature does inject a rather healthy stream of small bubbles 24” down into the pond.

The only downside to the Oase SwimSkim is the frequency in which the foam pad has to be cleaned. I do have a heavy fish load in my pond, so you may not have to clean the foam as often. Oase does have a larger SwimSkim model available in Europe. Hopefully, we will see it introduced in North America in 2011.