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Multiple Pond Pumps?

Want that big waterfall for your water garden but don’t want to pay and extra $60.00 a month to operate the pond pump?

When choosing a pond pump, it is easy to get torn between performance and energy costs. I’m a lot like Tim “the Tool Man” Taylor, I like more power, especially with a waterfall on my pond. On the other hand, I don’t have any endorsement deals (yet) so money doesn’t grow on trees around my house.

So, I chose both. I operate the Aquamax SF 3000 pump in the bottom of my pond that runs 24/7 amd feeds my pond filter. I have a second pump, an Aquamax 3700, in a pond skimmer that is set on a timer using a Cal Power Control Center.

The second pond pump doubles the size of my waterfall upon demand. And best yet, I am only paying for the extra energy usage when I want, not 24/7.