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Main Elements of a Backyard Water Garden

If you are considering putting a water garden into your backyard there are a few essential elements that you must plan to have. Backyard ponds require significant planning and resources to ensure it will function properly for years to come. Whether you are creating a large pond on acres of land, or small deck pond, they can be designed and set up for any kind of space.

The top two elements that a water garden needs to be successful are water and electricity. Be sure to check local regulations regarding open water spaces as well as electrical code requirements. In many cases, a water garden may fall under the same criteria as a swimming pool.

It is important to consider the water supply to the garden. If the water garden is set up far away from a water source, or if the pond component is extremely large, filling it will place a significant drain on the water supply. By taking water source planning into consideration, you should be able to avoid these inconvenient scenarios.

While a water garden doesn’t necessarily need plants, they do add another element of beauty and interest to the space. Be sure to note that not all water plants will grow everywhere. Checking the local gardening hardiness zone and buying locally from reputable nurseries will help ensure that your plants thrive in the area you live in.

Invest in a quality pond pump. The type of water pump purchased correlates directly with the size of the water garden. Pumps can be used to simply circulate the water or they can also be used to create a fountain effect. Pond filters are also important. Pond filters clean debris and biological waste from your garden pond. When choosing the right product for your water garden, keep in mind that most pond filtration systems have varying degrees of mechanical and/or biological filtration.

When starting out, purchasing a pond kit is a great beginning point. They provide you with all of the equipment you need to build your backyard water garden. The components contained in each comprehensive water garden kit should be perfectly matched to suit the size of the garden pond you want to create.