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Little Giant Ring Jet Fountain

Manufacturer: Little Giant
SKU: 517200
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Little Giant's Ring Jet will create stunning visual effects for your pond or water garden, while also adding a valuable aeration function for a healthy pond. The performance of the Ring Jet is directly affected by the GPH pumped through the fountain head. For a higher and wider spray pattern, a higher GPH pump is required.

The Ring Jet comes with 21 jet nozzles with O-rings, and a plastic 1/2" male pipe plug. Use by itself, or combine with other fountain heads (not included). The nozzles can be adjusted to direct the spray pattern outward, in-ward or in a spiral pattern.

Inlet:  1/2" FPT
Number of Jets:  21
Diameter of Ring: 17 1/4"
Spray Dimensions @ 400 GPH:  8' Diameter x 4 1/2' H
Spray Dimensions @ 900 GPH  11' Diameter x 9' H
Spray Dimensions @ 1,500 GPH:  19' Diameter x 11' H
Recommended Flow Rate:  400 to 1,500 GPH
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