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KoiKeeper Filter

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KoiKeeper Filter
KoiKeeper Filter - 2.5K
2,500 gallons
Free shipping
KoiKeeper Filter
KoiKeeper Filter - 5K
5,000 gallons
Free shipping
KoiKeeper Filter
KoiKeeper Filter - 10K
10,000 gallons
Free shipping


This system comes with one of the Stainless Steel Bodied ZapTek2 UV'sfor clear healthy water along with an AlphaONE or AquaBead filter and a 2 speed pump like the PLUS systems.

The KoiKeeper2.5K comes as a no options system to keep the cost low as possible. If options are needed, like a different pump, prefilter, etc., then the PLUS system would be better suited to your needs.

We've made these simple, but effective and efficient, for people who need a good and reliable filtration system but want to keep costs to a minimum.

*Ships Via Freight Truck*