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Kasco Marine Macro-Zyme Muck Block

Manufacturer: Kasco Marine
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Kasco Marine Macro-Zyme Muck Block - 6 lb
Kasco Marine Macro-Zyme Muck Block - 25 lbs Bulk

Slowly release bacteria to treat up to 2 acre feet of water. Much more effective when used in combination with current. Great for targeting areas that require treatment. Reapplication required only once every 30 days.

  • Removes pond scum and odors: Eliminates fish wastes and ammonia. Digests organic compounds and assists in the breakdown of goose/duck excrement. Rapidly removes dead grass, leaves, and paper.
  • Reduce Excess: Removes nutrients and sediments without chemicals. Decreases Nitrite and Nitrate, and reduces phosphate (which is typically the limiting nutrient for plant growth).
  • Safe and Non Toxic: Non pathogenic/ non toxic to human, fish, wildlife, and livestock. It is safe for irrigation ponds and no permit is required.
  • Better water clarity: Clears water and helps restore a healthy oxygen level while also reducing oxygen demand.
  • Product extras: Dry pack means no extra weight when shipping. No "stinky" smells from the product itself.
  • Easy to use: Just toss the water soluble bags or apply the bulk product at the recommended rates. Shelf life of at least two years