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I Want to Build My Dream Pond, Where Do I Start?

A backyard pond can be a beautiful oasis for you and your family. It can serve as an esthetic structure that can make your garden even more appealing or can be practical if you want to raise fish and aquatic plants outdoors. However, building your dream pond can seem like a difficult task to the point where you don’t know where or how to start, especially if you have no prior experience. A few tips can help you to get started.

Of course, you will need a number of supplies. A pond pump, pond supplies, pond filter and other items will be necessary. You can acquire these things and a pond liner from your local home improvement store. You will also need to dig a trench deep enough for your pond. Generally, most backyard ponds tend to be around 40 cubic feet or around seven feet wide by four feet deep. It is important to note that it should be slightly deeper if you are planning on housing fish within.

Place a level at the top of your trench once it is completely dug and create a channel that is six inches wide by one inch deep on one side of to direct overflow of water. You will also need a trench for the PVC pipe that will circulate water throughout the pond.

Set sand along the edges of the trench to ensure there is a bank for the pond. You should then place the liner along the area, leaving one to two feet of it at the base and held down by rocks or brick.

At this point, you will be ready to fill the pond with water from your garden hose. Install the pump through the PVC conduit and make sure to set the pump in the deepest portion of the pond. Your pond pump, pond supplies, pond filter and other items should all be at reach while you work.

Place gravel in the channel so that water can adequately drain and decorative touches around the pond. You may also want to have someone help you throughout your work. Luckily, you have Pondliner for that.