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Holiday Gifts for Pond Owners

Sometimes finding the right holiday gift can feel impossible. Well lucky for you if you have someone in your life that has a backyard water garden you are halfway there. You know they enjoy caring for their pond, so why not buy them some unique pond supplies that they maybe wouldn’t splurge for themselves for a holiday present? Here are some fun gift ideas that any pond owner is sure to appreciate:

Aquatic Plants & Products: Aquatic plants make a wonderful addition to any water garden. Water lilies or water hyacinth plants look beautiful floating along the top of a pond. Cattails and bamboo are also excellent choices. If you live in a colder climate where plants are inside or sunk for the winter, other design elements such as decorative rocks and edging stones can add a visually appealing look to a water garden.

Decorative Water Features: Decorative water features always make a great impact on the look and feel of a backyard pond. A few options include:

  • Color changing vases
  • Pebble pots
  • Basalt columns
  • Water urns
  • Waterfalls

Water Garden Rocks: A variety of water garden rock designs make them an interesting element to add to your pond. Bubbling rocks, stream rocks, rock waterfalls and rock pools not only look beautiful but add that bubbling brook, soothing sound that people enjoy listening to while relaxing in their back yard.

Pond Lights: There are a variety of pond lights available that can really add a nice visual tough to ponds at nighttime. LED pond lights can come in a variety of colors as well as change colors on their own to really add some fun.Atlantic Water Gardens Color Changing LED Light Rings can change up to 48 different colors to ensure you still enjoy your water garden after the sun goes down.

While most of these gift options aren’t crucial to overall pond health, they are fun elements to add to any water garden and the pond person in your life is sure to love them.