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Holiday Gift Ideas for the Pond Lover in your Life

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Do you envision waking up Christmas morning and unwrapping a shiny, new…pond filter? No? Well, you can bet the pond lover in your life just might! If you have a friend or family member that is passionate about tending to their backyard pond, gifting them with different pond accessories can be a great and thoughtful idea. All of the items needed to maintain a pond can add up, so relieving someone of some of the costs will be very much appreciated. Here are a few great ideas for the holidays.

Pond essentials gift basket: Put together a handy basket of pond necessities, such as water treatmentspond plant supplies like fertilizer and planting media, fish food, replacement light bulbs, a thermometer, gloves, a pond net and more. If you happen to know the pond is in need a few items, this gift will be extra easy and helpful. Try to get them talking about any projects they are working on to see if any of the items on their list pop up. You can also talk to their spouse or children to get a sense of the products that would be the most relevant and useful.

Pond service certificates: This is the perfect gift for children to offer their parents. Give them a little booklet of gift certificates for pond chores you will complete for them. These can include skimming the top of the pond, feeding the fish for a week, trimming back any foliage, etc. Basically, offer to do those mundane tasks that the pond owner might not look forward to.

Pond kits: This gift can be a bit trickier. You’ll need to know that whoever you are purchasing this gift for actually plans to install a backyard pond. You’ll also need to know what size the pond will be. This gift will definitely require speaking with someone who knows what the plan for the future water garden will be, or consulting directly with the gift recipient. They’ll still be thrilled that you are purchasing this gift for them, even if it isn’t a surprise. Who doesn’t like to hand-pick a few of their holiday gifts? There are many pond kits to choose from, including some made specifically for koi fish.

Gift certificate: Know that the person you are purchasing a gift for loves tending to their pond but aren’t sure what to get? A gift certificate to their favorite local or online pond supplies store is always a safe bet. This gives them the freedom to buy exactly what they need. Maybe they’ve been holding out on a new, top-of-the-line pond filter or an extravagant new water feature. A gift certificate can go a long way in helping them purchase those special items.