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Hit a Break in the Weather? Get out Your Leaf Net

In many areas of the country, winter brings freezing temperatures, gloomy days and seemingly endless amounts of snow. This year especially has been a brutal one for residents all over the country. There has been little relief from the frigid conditions, and people are beginning to wonder if they’ll ever be able to leave the house without being bundled from head to toe.

However, every once in a while there will still be a day or two of semi-warm temperatures that helps you and your environment thaw out a little. In addition to celebrating, you pond enthusiasts need to maximize these days to the fullest. Everyone wants to get outside once the temperature gets above freezing, so why not use your time in the fresh air to freshen up your pond?
Get out Your Leaf Net and Get Busy
If you catch a warm day this winter season, get out your leaf net and get busy! Even though your pond has been frozen over for the past couple of months, there’s a good chance some debris and dirt has still managed to build up. This mixture will quickly turn into sludge and muck once the ice starts thawing. Give your pond a quick face lift by using your leaf net to remove these unwanted substances from the water’s surface.
Skimming your pond will give it a fresh look for the rest of winter, while also ensuring that the water in it is as clean as possible. You don’t have to remove every last bit of gunk, but get rid of the bigger stuff that could cause a problem down the road. Oxygen is already scarce in winter ponds, so you don’t want your water to be clouded with unnecessary dirt and debris.
To prevent a mass majority of leaves from falling into your pond, you may want to consider a pond leaf net. Place the pond leaf net over your pond and watch the falling leaves land on the net and not in your pond's water. A few passes with a leaf blower and the net is clear of leaves.
Spring-like days are going to be few and far between at this point, but it’s important to make the most of them when they do unexpectedly arrive. These days should also get you thinking about what you want to do with your pond once warm weather is here to stay. Brainstorm some ideas for the coming seasons by browsing through the pond supplies at
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