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Head Pressure Calculator

waterfall’s Head Pressure Calculator determines the head pressure placed on your waterfall and pond pumps, therefore helping you decide how powerful of a pond pump to purchase. Head pressure is the amount of force your pond pump will need to overcome in order to function effectively.

Our head pressure calculator takes into account the resistance of vertical lift, the length of the pipe you’re using, the fittings that are in place, and more. Keep in mind that you want to purchase a pond pump or waterfall pump that exceeds your needs – you can always adjust a pump’s flow if it’s too great, but you cannot increase its capacity.

Head Pressure Calculator

Head pressure is a force that a pump must overcome to push water out the end of a tubing run. To calculate head pressure you must take into account resistance of vertical lift, length of pipe, fittings, etc.





Total Head Pressure: 0ft.

This calculator is to get an estimate of total head pressure. There are many other factors that can effect the total head pressure such as size of pipe, types of fittings, UV clarifiers, pressure filters and other equipment.