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Garden Pond Water Treatments

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Garden ponds and koi ponds add a sense of luxury to any garden. They provide a serene and relaxing atmospher to your garden or back yard. However, to keep your garden pond healthy and clean, you will need to apply different water treatments. Water treatments help maintain the correct pH level that is needed to keep pond life thriving. Water treatments also help in controling algae and parasites. Planting aquatic plants in your garden pond can help reduce the amount of water treatments you will need to use. There is are a wide variety of water treatments that treat a wide variety of problems. This can be very confusing for a beginning water gardener.

Water Conditioning Products

Chlorine and chloramines found in municipal water systems can harm your fish and can be fatal in large quantities. Chlorine, even in small amounts, irritates the gill tissue of fish making the uptake of oxygen from the water difficult. Always use water conditioner when adding tap water to your pond.

Water Conditioning products we carry

Start-up Bacteria

New ponds or ponds in early spring come to life before the pond filter is established with beneficial bacteria that helps deal with fish waste and other organic debris.  These products jump-start your pond filter to keep ammonia and other toxins at a minimum.  Regular use keeps your pond filter operating at maximum effectiveness.

Start-Up Bacteria products we carry:

Clean-up Bacteria

Regular use of these products keeps your pond bottom clean and helps keep your pond water crystal clear.  Special enzymes and bacteria digest organic debris from fish waste, dead plant matter and uneaten fish food.

Clean-Up Bacteria products we carry:


Clears cloudy or murky pond water by clumping suspended particles together and sinking them to the bottom of the pond where they can be removed by the pond filter or digested by clean-up bacteria.

Flocculant products we carry:

Pond Solutions

The pond owner’s number one problem is Algae!  Many manufacturers claim that their products eliminate this problem.  We have found several that actually work!

Pond Solution products we carry:

Barley Products

When barley breaks down, it produces an enzyme that has been found to keep certain types of “organics” from forming.

Barley Products we carry:

When applying water treatments to your garden pond, you should be sure to follow the manufacture’s instructions verbatim. When using water treatments be sure you have plenty of aeration in your pond. If you don’t have a waterfall you will need to install a aerator that pushes air bubbles from the bottom of the pond to the water’s surface. Aerating is needed because some water treatments will remove the oxygen from the ponds water causing your aquatic life to suffocate. Aerating aids in circulating your ponds water as well.

Once you have applied the correct amount of the correct water treatment you will have a clean, clear, and healthy pond. What mother nature can’t do on her own, water treatments can do for her.