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Firestone QuickRoller

Manufacturer: Firestone
SKU: W563582026
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Note: The QuickRoller cannot be used on seams or QuickSeam Batten Cover Strip on Mechanically Attached Roofing Systems.

Method of Application:

Rolling the QuickSeam R.M.A. Strip - After the membrane has been installed over the QuickSeam R.M.A. Strip in accordance with the Firestone QuickBond System specifications, roll the QuickSeam R.M.A. Strip lengthwise, starting from the center and moving out to the outside edge, doing one side at a time. Roll in a back and forth motion covering 2' - 3' maximum. Roll each side until the full width of the QuickSeam R.M.A. Strip is rolled, and then proceed another 2' - 3' until the full length is rolled.

Rolling QuickSeam Reinforced Perimeter Fastening Strip (QSRPF) - QSRPD Strip is rolled starting next to the wall or roof edge and rolling lengthwise in the same manner as the QuickSeam R.M.A. Strip, except there is only one strip of tape to roll.

Rolling the Seam - Note: when making the seam, leave 1/2" to 1" of membrane on the backside of the seam free of tape. After the 3" wide QuickSeam Splice Tape has been installed in accordance with the Firestone System Specifications, roll the seam as shown in Steop 1: Start at the back side and roll along it's length towards the outside edge in a back and forth motion, 2' - 3' at a time. Continue rolling lengthwise to the outside edge. Only roll 2' - 3' at a time, until the whole seam is rolled.

Firestone QuickRoller consists of:

  • A 42" steel handle attached to a rubber sleeved steel roller
  • One extra rubber sleeved included
Overall Length:  49"
Overall Width:  4 7/8"
Roller Width:  3 3/8"
Roller Diameter:  4 1/4"