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FAQs: Pond Pump Frequently Asked Questions

Your backyard pond can be a thing of beauty or a thing of frustration. It depends on how well you manage your pond maintenance. As the pond experts, we get a lot of questions about caring for your pond pump.

See if any of these frequently asked questions help solve some of your common pond problems:

Q: What is the difference between a magnetic-drive pump and a direct-drive pump?

Magnetic-drive pumps are operated by a motor that creates a magnetic charge to spin an impeller that creates water flow. These pumps are more energy-efficient, but don’t necessarily produce the large flow rates that direct-drive pumps do. Direct-drive pumps operate through a motor that directly spins a shaft that powers the impeller.

Q: Can I use a swimming pool pump for my pond?

It is a possibility for you to use a swimming pool pump in your pond. However, you will want to check the specifications of the pool pump first. Many external pond pumps must be used in conjunction with a sand filter. Pumps that are used in these types of applications may use up much more energy than is necessary for your pond.

Q: Can the flow on my pond pump be adjusted?

If you are having trouble with the flow of your pond pump, there may be a chance to fix it. Some smaller pond pumps come with flow adjustment valves. A ball valve or diverter valve can be placed in line to adjust flow on bigger pond pumps.

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