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Epic Pest Repellents

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The first thing you ought to know about the people of EPIC is that we love animals and respect nature. When we talk about repelling various types of animals, whether wild or domestic, the words “pest” and “nuisance” come up. These beautiful animals only become a nuisance when they destroy the hard work we have put into our gardens, lawns and landscaping.

So we set out to come up with the best ways to protect our flower and vegetable gardens and our yards without causing harm to the vegetation, the animals, or to people and our larger environment. We studied natural substances, animals’ habits and behavior, and the interaction of both in local ecology and climates.  Today, we are proud to be able to provide products that we can guarantee will keep animals away, are safe for the environment, and are completely biodegradable and organic.

Here you’ll find granular repellents with unique natural formulas which are proven to be highly effective. Each one is designed to be the best for a single creature. All of them are easy to use and long lasting.