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Does Your Pond Need a Waterfall?

Adding a waterfall to a pond or water garden can be beneficial in many ways. You probably already know that a pond adds beauty and a calming feel to its surrounding environment and are benefiting from it. Not only will a pond serve as an aesthetically pleasing focal point, but it is also relaxing and entertaining and a waterfall or other decorative element only enhances it. Anyone who has a pond may want to consider adding a waterfall to it for a variety of reasons.

Waterfalls are Very Soothing 

Building a waterfall for a pond will both create a better environment for the fish and add therapeutic benefits for those enjoying the pond. There’s something very soothing about the sound of a waterfall, and spending some time outside enjoying the sounds can be a great stress reliever. Even opening a window where the sound can be heard from indoors will be beneficial to one’s stress level.

Waterfalls Create a Healthier Environment for Fish

Adding a waterfall to a pond will also help to create a healthier living environment for fish. A waterfall will increase the water molecules and help bring more oxygen to the water, which will create an ideal habitat for Koi fish. Waterfalls with steps offer more surface area and this means they have more turbulence than the straight-drop waterfalls; this means more natural oxygenators. A good idea is to place stepped rocks near the bottom of the waterfall.

Waterfalls Help with Algae Control

When the oxygen level increases in the pond environment it will discourage the growth of algae. Most ponds have dead spots where the water doesn’t make it through the ponds filtration system and this can pose a problem and cause the growth of algae. When a waterfall is added to that pond it will help to move the water around in the pond which means more of the water will get filtered.

When adding a waterfall, it is important to consider the plants. Some freshwater plants don’t do well by fast moving water. This means they may have to be moved to an area of the pond further away from the waterfall.

Adding a waterfall to a pond or water garden can have many benefits for both those in and outside of the water. It’s a simple and easy way to add more beauty to an already existing water garden.