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Disaster Zone! Dealing with Pond Damage

Whether from Mother Nature or unwanted guests, if your pond has experienced damage, you need to understand your options.

A backyard pond is meant to be one of the highlights of your home. Keeping your home protected from muskrats, beavers, turtles, weeds and muddy water is just part of the job. But, if you know how to effectively deal with these unwanted problems, you can continue to enjoy your pond for many years to come.

Beavers, Muskrats & Turtles, Oh My!

In many states, animals can be a serious problem for pond owners. These pests can kill fish, damage your pond pumps and block your drain pipes. In some cases, larger animals can even cause pond banks to collapse and leak.

The best way to remove these unwanted pests is to contact a licensed trapper and have them remove the animal from your yard. It may be difficult to prevent animals from coming back, but the best way to avoid unwanted house guests is to maintain your pond. By trimming away weeds and keeping your grass mowed, these animals will have nowhere in your yard to hide and they will seek shelter elsewhere.

Muddy Water

The first step to cleaning a muddy pond is to eliminate the source of the dirt. Commonly, muddy water can occur when there is a runoff of dirt and debris seeping in from areas around your pond, when animals get in your pond, or from fish unsettling the bottom.

Dealing with these issues is simple, once you know how to eliminate the source of the dirt and debris, you can simply clean it up and enjoy. It may take a while for your pond pump and filter to restore your pond to its healthy appearance, but once it does your pond should be good as new.

If your pond will not clean out naturally, you may need to check that your pond filter is working properly and help things along by using a treatment recommended by your pond supplies store.

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*Photo courtesy of James Preston via Flickr.