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Clean Your Pond the Easy Way with Pond Vacuums

In my previous post on “Getting Your Pond Ready for Spring” I discussed the importance of cleaning your pond in preparation for the spring season. However, now that the season is well under way, you need to continue working to maintain that level of cleanliness. Your pond life will only flourish in a healthy environment, and keeping the water clean is one major aspect of that.

Pond skimmers are a great way to collect debris and dirt from the surface of the water on a daily basis, but sometimes your pond needs a more thorough cleaning. Small and stubborn detritus that slips through the average pond skimmer can build up over time and dirty your pond water. Prevent this from happening by regularly using a pond vacuum.

Pond vacuums are some of the most popular pond supplies, because they are convenient, easy to use and make cleaning your pond a snap. They work just like the vacuum cleaner you use inside your home, but they suction algae blooms, fish waste, dead leaves, and other dirt out of your pond. Pond vacuums are particularly effective at cleaning the stubborn debris that settles and sticks to your pond’s floor.

A quality pond vacuum should come with a variety of different nozzles that will enable you to reach every nook and cranny of your pond. They are available in different watt capacities so you can choose one that has the right amount of power for you. Some other features that can be helpful are:

• A multi-chambered system
• Rigid suction tubes
• An extension pole
• Large debris bag
• A cordless option

Keep your pond clean and healthy this season. Find the pond vacuum that best meets your needs today!