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Building Your Pond: Perfect Placement

You’ve heard it before…location, location, location. This saying definitely applies to your backyard pond. Where you place your pond can mean all the difference in your success or failure as a pond owner. It can also mean all the difference in the amount of enjoyment you get from your pond.

How do you go about making such a difficult decision? There are several questions you need to answer before you decide on a location for your pond.

  • Do you know where you’ll want to enjoy your pond? Is there a spot you spend most of your time?
  • Do you have a shady spot in your yard that isn’t under a ton of trees? Trees will provide shade, but will also produce debris.
  • Do you have any low-lying areas? Avoid placing your pond downhill. It will attract debris and flooding during rainfalls.
  • Do you want a waterfall? It might make sense to place your pond on a slope.
  • Do you have areas that experience more sunlight than others? You’ll want your pond plants and life to get sun, but not direct rays.
  • Do you have an area that has access to electricity and water? Placing your pond near electrical outlets is essential.
  • How large do you want your finished pond to be?
  • How much are you willing to spend on a backyard pond? Certain locations may require a larger investment.

Consider using a mirror to represent your pond and try placing it in different areas around your yard. You may find a spot that offers the perfect reflection or visual appeal that you never thought about.

Once you’ve got the placement of your pond worked out, everything else will start to fall into place. Building your dream backyard pond is simple if you take it one step at a time.