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Aerate Your Pond with an Air Pump This Winter

With winter weather quickly arriving, it is essential to get your pond properly prepared for the chilly months ahead. The fish and other aquatic life in your pond require extra special attention as temperatures continue dropping. If you’ll remember from …

Fish Feeding Tips for Winter Weather

As the weather turns colder and the air temperature begins to drop, the fish in your backyard pond need to go on a cold water fish food diet. Lucky for them, their diet has nothing to do with losing weight, …

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Pond Lover in your Life
water feature

Do you envision waking up Christmas morning and unwrapping a shiny, new…pond filter? No? Well, you can bet the pond lover in your life just might! If you have a friend or family member that is passionate about tending to …

Preparing your Koi Pond for Winter

Pond Lighting

When you have fish in your backyard pond, winter pond preparation and care becomes a little more complex than ponds without fish. You have to worry about their well-being, which includes figuring out if you need to bring them inside …