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Building Water Features for Wildlife

A backyard pond or fountain doesn’t just have to be for our benefit. Sure, we enjoy the sound of trickling water and the ambiance of a pond filled with blooming flowers and enticing lights, but our water features can be …

How to Create a Japanese Water Garden
Japanese Water Garden

Japanese water gardens are the epitome of tranquility. They incorporate water, greenery, rocks, and winding paths that lend both an air of mystery and simplicity. This kind of garden is great for smaller spaces because the goal is often to …

Easy to Maintain Water Features
Pond Waterfall

Having a backyard pond is great. They offer a nice visual to any outdoor living area as well as soothing background noise. But some water features are easier to maintain than others. If you want the perks of having a …

6 Easy Ways to Decorate your Outdoor Space
pond water

We spend a lot of our time fixing up and repairing our outdoor spaces every season. Thanks to the harsh wear and tear during the winter months, along with the heavy rains and strong sun of spring and summer, our …