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How to Keep Your Pond Pump from Clogging this Fall

Your pond pump is an essential part of what keeps your favorite ecosystem functioning. During the fall, it has to work extra hard to try to combat all the leaves, sticks and other falling debris bombarding your pond on a …

Seasonal Pond Pump Maintenance

Taking care of your pump is not a one-time endeavor. It’s important to do seasonal pond pump maintenance to make sure that it your machine is properly prepared for the conditions that come with changing temperatures. Fall During fall you’ll …

Install a Disappearing Fountain Basin This Summer

If you’re looking for the perfect way to spice up your pond this summer, you may want to consider installing a disappearing fountain basin. These unique water features have been popular among pond owners for years. They are fairly simple …

Hot Weather Pond Tips

While many of us embrace the summer heat after a long, cold winter and get excited to spend time outdoors with our gardens and backyard ponds, the heat can actually pose some problems for our fish. The biggest threat to …

Common Summer Pond Problems

Summer is your pond’s time to shine. The weather is right, your fish are flourishing, and relaxing next to your backyard pond is the best part of your afternoon. But just like every other time of year, there are certain seasonal