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Top 5 Myths About Building a Backyard Pond

Whether you’re using the colder months to start planning a new pond for your yard in the spring, or you’re looking for ways to improve the pond you have, you may encounter often-spread information about building a backward pond. Myths about pond …

I Want to Build My Dream Pond, Where Do I Start?

A backyard pond can be a beautiful oasis for you and your family. It can serve as an esthetic structure that can make your garden even more appealing or can be practical if you want to raise fish and aquatic …

How to Install a Garden Pond
new pond

Location • Sizing the pond • Sizing the equipment • Layout • Plumbing the falls • Excavating • Liner • Filter installation • Skimmer installation • Adding rock • Lighting • Plants • Testing • Finishing touches • Video part …

How to Make Your Own Pond

Making your own pond involves finding pond supplies that work together to produce a healthy aquatic environment. The size and layout of your pond determine which pump you need, and the pump determines which filter and skimmer you need. Once …

Where To Build A Pond

How do I decide where to install my new pond? Take a good look at your yard and make sure that the location of the pond can be enjoyed from any decks and windows. Pull out the garden hose and create the …

Pond & Water Garden Electrical Cost Calculator
water garden

Determine how much it will cost to run your pond pump each month.

Head Pressure Calculator

Determine how many feet of head you will have in order to select the right pump.

Pond-Free Waterfall Basin Calculator

Determine how many gallons per hour you need to get the flow amount you want on your pond free waterfall.