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Preparing your Koi Pond for Winter

Pond Lighting

When you have fish in your backyard pond, winter pond preparation and care becomes a little more complex than ponds without fish. You have to worry about their well-being, which includes figuring out if you need to bring them inside …

Why is my Backyard Pond Losing Water?

It’s perfectly normal for your backyard pond to lose some water. Along with evaporation, plants and animals love to help themselves to your water supply, leaving you with slightly less water, but not enough to worry about. These small amounts … 

Prepping your Backyard Pond for Fall
Fall Pond

It’s hard to believe, but fall is right around the corner. The kids are back in school, our morning commute is clogged with yellow buses again, and coffee shops are bringing back their pumpkin lattes. We’ve even already seen some …

6 Easy Ways to Decorate your Outdoor Space
pond water

We spend a lot of our time fixing up and repairing our outdoor spaces every season. Thanks to the harsh wear and tear during the winter months, along with the heavy rains and strong sun of spring and summer, our … 

Getting Started: A Breakdown of Our Pond Kits
pond liners

When you have a big task ahead of you, sometimes it’s hard to just get started. Creating your own backyard water garden is a pretty big undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be too difficult! Once you have decided the …

Basic Pondless Water Feature Chores
Disappearing Water Feature

Adding a pondless water feature to your yard can be a great investment. Whether you want the pleasant sounds of a bubbling fountain or the ambiance of disappearing waterfalls, these additions can really tie together an outdoor area, especially one …

Choosing Plants for your Water Garden
Water Garden

Choosing pond plants for your water garden should be fun. They are a way to brighten up the space and really turn your backyard pond into a tropical oasis if that is your goal. You can even utilize different aquatic …