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What Your Fish Pond Liner Does for You

Anyone who has worked with backyard water gardens knows there are a variety of pond supplies that make these complex ecosystems tick. Although each of these pieces is important for the pond’s overall function, it is the fish pond liner …

How Do I Fix a Tear in My Pond Liner?
pond liners

Have you noticed the water levels in your pond dropping or large patches of wet areas around it? If so, there is a good chance you have a leak in your pond liner. But don’t panic. You probably will not …

FAQs: Pond Liner Frequently Asked Questions

If it’s time to replace your existing pond liner or you are looking to create an entirely new backyard pond, you’ve come to the right place. We can answer all the questions you may have when it comes to choosing …

Pond Liner FAQ
pond liners

Pond Liner FAQ Wondering which pond liner to use? What is the best pond liner? Or if you need underlay? These are just a few of the common questions people ask when trying to select the right pond liner. Below …

Firestone EPDM Accessory Instructions
pond liner installation

Need to join two pieces of liner together using EPDM Pond Liner Tape or to repair a hole in your pond liner? This section shows you how with detailed illustrated instructions from Firestone Specialty Products. Downloads require Adobe Acrobat Reader. …

Pond Liner Installation
pond liner installation

Outline the shape of your pond with a shovel, adding an extra 1′ in all dimensions. Be sure to slope the side of your pond to add stability; after all soil is removed check carefully that the top edges of …

Pond Liner Size Calculator / Pond Volume Calculator
garden pond

Determine the size pond liner you will need for your pond or waterfall and learn how to measure your pond.