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Basic Pondless Water Feature Chores

Disappearing Water Feature

Adding a pondless water feature to your yard can be a great investment. Whether you want the pleasant sounds of a bubbling fountain or the ambiance of disappearing waterfalls, these additions can really tie together an outdoor area, especially one used for relaxing and/or entertaining. If you are new to owning a pondless water feature or are considering installing one, you are probably wondering how to maintain it. They are relatively simple to take care of, and if you follow these tips below it should stay in good shape for years to come.

Keep the water clean and clear. Utilize the many water treatments that are available to keep the water in your feature looking fresh. Whether you need to combat algae growth, get rid of debris or clean your fountain, there is a method available to help your water feature get balanced and look great.

Get rid of dirt and debris. Dirt and debris will make your water feature look dingy and put it at risk of not functioning properly. You will want to remove any obvious causes such as twigs and leaves by hand and utilize water features to break down any smaller materials.

Keep an eye on water levels. First utilize our Pondless Waterfall Basin Calculator to determine how many gallons your basin will hold to ensure it has the required volume. Once it has been filled, keep an eye on the water levels and top it off from time to time as needed.

Check the running parts. Every so often take a look at the mechanics of your water feature. Whether that be the pump, tubing, connections or other moving parts, catching any issues with these pieces as soon as possible can save you in the long run.

Looking for some really unique pondless water feature ideas? Get inspired by checking out this post from Houzz. These water features are accented with a lot of natural greenery, pond rocks, flowers and more, making them feel like they are truly a part of nature. Create your own outdoor oasis with a pondless water feature like these. You can go as small or as large as you’d like, these features work for even the smallest outdoor spaces and can bring even the most minimalistic areas to life with visual beauty and sound.