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Aquascape Small AquaBlox

Manufacturer: Aquascape
SKU: 29491
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Aquascape AquaBlox are a modular water storage system that maximizes water storage capacity, especially in Pondless Waterfall systems.

  • Over three times the storage capacity when compared to gravel. AquaBlox hold 7.4 gallons of water per cubic foot as opposed to 2.2 gallons with gravel
  • More capacity means less time topping off the system due to evaporation
  • Easier to clean and less prone to clog than gravel basins
  • More water capacity per cubic foot means smaller collection basins- less liner and underlay too!
  • Less labor required to excavate and more gravel

Number of Panels:  8
Water Capacity:  17 Gallons
Load Bearing Weight:  5,472 lbs per sq.ft.
Dimensions: 26.5" L x 16" W x 9.5" H