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Aquascape Bacteria Bubble Tabs

Manufacturer: Aquascape
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Aquascape Bacteria Bubble Tabs - 36 count
Treats 3,600 Gallons
SKU: 98951
Aquascape Bacteria Bubble Tabs - 72 count
Treats 7,200 Gallons
SKU: 98930

Aquascape Bacteria Bubble Tabs help to provide clean, clear, and healthy water conditions, significantly reducing pond maintenance required. Aquascape Bacteria Bubble Tabs will effectively reduce waste and help promote a balanced ecosystem, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your water feature. Bubble Tabs can simply be tossed directly into the pond, providing a fun and easy way to add water treatments to your pond. Bacteria Bubble Tabs are completely safe for fish, plants, pets, and wildlife. Each tab will treat 100 gallons.

  • Provides clean, clear and healthy water conditions
  • Helps promote a balanced ecosystem
  • Safe for fish, plants, pets, and wildlife
  • Can simply be tossed directly into the pond