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Anjon Big Frog Pumps

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Big Frog Pumps lead the market with a less than 1% return ratio. These pumps just don't fail! Specially engineered for 24-hour continuous use, you can trust Big Frog Pumps around the clock. We provide high-quality seals to ensure a long and efficient pump life. Because Big Frog Pumps are not oil-filled, with only biodegradable oil used on bearings, you are able to protect your fish. Plus, with the use of the fish/ frog guard, Big Frog Pumps are wildlife safe. Big Frog Pumps also have the ability to pass solids up to 1.25" in diameter. Big Frog Pumps resist abrasion and corrosion with the help of the stainless steel construction with reinforced fiberglass. Big Frog Pumps even protect against overheating and burning out with their overload sensor shut-off protection.