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All About your Pond’s Ecosystem: Pond Supplies

All About your Pond’s Ecosystem: Pond Supplies

In order to keep the pond life in your ecosystem safe, including the fish, frogs, healthy bacteria, etc. that live there, you’ll need the proper pond supplies to ensure a healthy home. The items that can help turn your pond into a thriving environment include a filtration system, pond pumps, skimmers, fish, and environmental considerations such as sun exposure, plants and rocks. The duty of your pond is to offer shelter, safety and food to the wildlife that live in and around it. The following supplies will help get you there.

Pond Filter

Pond filters clean debris and biological waste from your garden pond. Pond filters can be mechanical, biological or both. Mechanical filters remove physical debris from the water with a screen or mesh. Biological filters clean the water on a molecular level, converting harmful toxins and allowing microorganisms to grow.

Pond Pump

Pond pumps keep the water moving, making sure it passes through your filters. They are extra important if you have fish living in your pond, seeing as their excrement can be harmful without good circulation and filtration.

Pond Skimmer

Pond skimmers collects debris and dirt from the surface of the water, keeping your pond clean. Skimmers typically house your pond pump and contain filter media.

Pond Fish

While pond fish might contribute to the waste that is found in ponds, they also help keep them clean. Fish eat string algae and bottom feed from the pond floor. They’re also a lot of fun to watch!

Plants, Sun and Rocks

While sometimes overlooked, these three pieces are part of what make up your pond’s ecosystem. Plants provide natural biological filtration and can absorb metals like ammonia and nitrate from the water. They also release oxygen into the water and air and take away from algae’s food source. Finally, they provide a safe hiding place for pond life.

Our ponds should be exposed to the sun – but not all day. Too much sun exposure will lead to green algae, which can be harmful to your pond.

Like plants, rocks and gravel also provide a place to hide as well as an area for bacteria to colonize.

Keep these elements in mind when you go to build or update your backyard pond. They all work together to provide the happiest and healthiest ecosystem for your pond.