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6 Easy Ways to Decorate your Outdoor Space

pond water

We spend a lot of our time fixing up and repairing our outdoor spaces every season. Thanks to the harsh wear and tear during the winter months, along with the heavy rains and strong sun of spring and summer, our outdoor décor takes a pretty good beating throughout the year. In addition to general maintenance, it can be fun to add new elements to our outdoor living spaces as well. Here we share some of our favorite, easy-to-do outdoor decorating ideas.

  1. Add some lighting. Anything from simple string lights, to pathway lighting, to a chandelier can really make a space more inviting. The right lighting sets a whole new mood for dining outside or simply gathering with friends.
  1. Take outdoor furniture up a notch. A big trend in outdoor living is bringing the indoors, out. Couches, love seats and tables are made of durable materials to provide all of the comforts of lounging inside to your deck or patio. Take things a step further and install a TV and mirrors to really be on-trend.
  1. Liven up your space with colors and prints. A bright table cloth or printed cushions and throw pillows are exciting additions to an outdoor space. All-weather rugs are available in a variety of exciting designs to tie the space together.
  1. Add a water feature. Whether you go all-out and install a backyard pond or keep it small with a pondless water feature, the sights and sounds of trickling water make soothing background noise. You can even add pond lighting and watch your water feature come to life at night.
  1. Plant an edible garden. In addition to your water garden and flowers, planting fruits and veggies is a great way to take advantage of your outdoor space. Make a fruit salad with fruits plucked right from the branch, or make a salsa from tomatoes picked fresh. An herb garden is an easy option for beginners or those with limited space; plus, who can resist the amazing fragrance?
  1. Creative seating. Whether you want to add a simple hammock or a swinging seat, these unique seating options will have you relaxing with a good book and enjoying the fresh air in style.

Whether you are working with a small space or a large one, want to completely overhaul your outdoor area or just add a few new elements, there is an easy outdoor décor idea that will liven up your space. Water features, lighting, and other additions can transform your space into a place where friends and family love to gather.